What is SWAN?

The Association of SWiss Academic Nutritionists (SWAN) is the occupational organization of academically trained nutritionists in Switzerland. It offers its members a platform and a network.

What is the goal of SWAN?

The goal of SWAN is to strengthen and visualize the competencies and diverse professional fields of SWAN members in all nutrition-relevant areas.

How does SWAN achieve this goal?

SWAN members are contact persons for actors in all areas of society and politics with regard to nutrition and health in the non-therapeutic area.
SWAN picks up on trends and issues and takes a stand.
SWAN takes part in the social discourse with nutritional facts and contributes to the treatment of nutritional issues on a solid, scientific basis.

SWAN offers…

… a lobby, platform, and network for academically trained nutritionists.

SWAN currently also represents the Local Group (ÖG) of the VDOE (Berufsverband Oecotrophologie e.V.) in Germany. Students in training can participate as part of a “junior membership”, which merges into a regular membership upon successful completion.

SWAN currently consists of…

… about 30 active members as well as many other interested parties from the fields of environmental, agricultural, social and cultural sciences (dieticians, food engineers, food chemists, nutritionists, etc.).


… went through at least 3 years of education for a degree in nutrition (university or college) and work on an academic level.

SWAN is open to all professionals who have acquired a specialization in nutritional science (at least 60 ECTS or equivalent continuing education) in addition to a completed academic education (Bachelors or Masters degree).


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